Treatment Update: Daisy’s on vacation!

I guess even therapy dogs get a break every now and then. When we showed up at clinic today, Maddie ran up to the reception desk to greet Daisy. Her familiar crate and Santa chew toy were there, but we soon learned that Daisy was on vacation. I had visions of that curly labradoodle sipping an umbrella drink on some sunny beach somewhere, and I thought it didn’t sound half bad. Smart dog, escaping the cold Maine winter for some much deserved R & R.

Maddie took Daisy’s absence well; she quickly followed Lauren in for her check of vitals and then to our treatment room. As we were about to enter the yellow room, Maddie exclaimed, “Oh I forgot my beaded journey!” Yes, indeed, we had forgotten to bring her growing strand of beads that represents her journey through her treatment. “No big deal!” she continued. “We’ll bring it next time.” We chatted with Liz, our social worker, and Bambi, our nurse. Dr. Eric came in to assess Maddie and see how the last couple of weeks have been going. My biggest concerns have been related to disturbed sleep patterns, some leg pain, and eating issues. So, we worked on tackling those issues. Maddie was due for 2 intramuscular injections of a chemotherapy medication called PEG-Asparaginase. She’s had this injection several times previously and we talked about the “stick” before coming today. She said she was scared, but said she would be “brave”. I had put a copious amount (in other words – way too much) of EMLA cream on her legs where she would get the injections, and Bambi and Jay administered the medication with ease. Maddie was “brave” and I was proud of her. We had to hang around the clinic for 30 minutes after the injection to observe for any possible allergic reaction. Maddie pulled a rolling toy around the clinic making enough noise to disturb anyone who was working, but everyone dealt graciously with the ruckus. She was excited on the drive home to tell her Daddy how well she did at the clinic today.

When we arrived home, we received the latest update from the MCCP Development Office about the fundraiser. We’ve already raised over $13,700. Way to go Two Trials and all of its amazing supporters! Step by step we will reach all of our goals.

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