Training Log: February 8th, 2008

CommentsEasy afternoon jaunt.  It was a bit of a stressful day, and I found myself worrying throughout most of the run (see today’s treatment log).  I did, however, get a chuckle out of our crazy sheep.  You see, my treadmill looks out on the pasture that our sheep are in for the winter (at least until it’s time for lambing in a few weeks).  First of all, I think it’s hilarious that the sheep are not very adventurous in the snow.  Typically, one bold sheep (or perhaps a bold farmer) makes a path through the snow to the hay rack.  Once the path is made they don’t venture off it (ever)!  Usually, at about 3pm each day, they journey from the hay rack area to the gate from where they know the food source (aka the farmer) will be coming.  So, each afternoon I see them line up nose to butt in a single file line up to the gate.  Then, when one of the farm crew brings out the hay, they scurry (in their single file line) to the hay rack jockeying for the best position.  You’d think at least one might just hang out at the hay rack and stake claim to the optimal position, but I guess that’s why they are sheep.  At least they provide me with some entertainment.

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