Treatment Update: Maddie plays with Diego

After Maddie’s treatment today, we asked her what she’d like everyone that follows her journey to know.  She thought long and hard about the question as she ate her yogurt and PB&J sandwich at the Panera Bread in Lebanon, NH not far from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (or “my hospital” as she calls it).  The first thing she wanted everyone to know is how much she misses family members, hundreds and even thousands of miles away in different parts of the country, and friends, especially those that we haven’t seen much of since we left Maine.  In addition, to the humans that she misses, she’s always quick to remind us that she dearly misses Sal and Braego, the horses at the Chewonki Farm.  Her most frequent question  to us is, “When are we going to get our horse?”  While a horse or horses is/are on our radar, its arrival is not soon enough for our little five-year-old.  It is reassuring to hear the topic of her greatest concern be about the arrival of a horse and not her on-going leukemia treatment.Thankfully, Maddie’s treatment has become somewhat of a side-note in our daily lives.  For the most part, our family’s  little cancer killing machine continues to chug along full speed ahead.  Maddie’s had a few linger colds and fevers this spring, but her blood counts have remained high indicating that her immune system is strong enough to ultimately fight off any bugs.  We had one unexpected ER visit and one unanticipated blood draw; even considering those blips on the radar screen, treatment has continued without interruption.  Yes, we still battle from day to day getting her to take her meds in the evening when she is very tired, but we have developed strategies to get the meds down without too much consternation.  And on a monthly basis, Maddie regularly chimes in with, ” I love my hospital.  I love going to treatment.”  So I guess in a lot of ways, we’ve got it pretty good.  Not that I’m psyched about the whole cancer thing, but when you really get down to it, things could be a lot worse.  So, we continue to keep our eye on the “prize” – January of 2010 – when Maddie’s treatment is scheduled to finish, and all indications are that that will indeed be the case.Maddie also wanted to let everyone that we’ve added a new calf to our clan of animals.  I think she’s planning to name him Diego, and she enjoyed bottle feeding him and running around with the red and white little Ayrshire.  He will be joined by 10 pigs, 2 lambs, another calf, 300 chickens and 15 turkeys during the spring and summer.  Wow!  Sounds like it’s going to be a busy time.  Good thing Maddie’s got enough energy for all three of us!

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